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Links to Equipment Reviews

These sites have reviews of various telescope equipment types (including eyepieces):

  • Ed Tingís ScopeReviews
  • Cloudy Nights Reviews
  • Todd Grossí Reviews
  • Excelsis - a web site that posts reviews astronomy equipment (as well as many other items not related to astronomy). The reviewers are folks like you and me who simply hit that Web site and add a review, so you donít have any way of determining the skill or experience of any particular reviewer and often the reviewers donít mention how they are using the equipment they reviewed. (For example, an eyepiece may have a great field of view, but if used for high magnification you want to know more about its contrast.) Nevertheless the reviews are worth perusing.
  • Curt Irwin's Affordable Astronomy Equipment Reviews
  • Chris Ellisí Takahashi eyepiece comparison review


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